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                            BUYING A CAT:                               

Our kittens are ready to go to their new homes at 16 weeks of age. They are twice vaccinated and dewormed. All the kittens have microchips. They can use cat scratchers and go to litter boxes. All new cat’s owners will get from us: the contract, FPL pedigree (FPL – a member of FIFE) and Health Record Book.

If the kittens go abroad, we vaccinate them for rabies (if it’s recquired in your country) and give you the passport.

Kittens’ prices for the family pet:
Bengal cats 800-1000

All the kittens that leave our cattery as „family pets”are neutered.

There are extra costs of transport if the kittens go abroad.

If you are decided to purchase the kitten from our cattery, we take the advance payment:

Bengal – 200€ 

 Kittens’ prices for the breeding:

The prices for breeding are determied individually. If you are interested, please contact us.

Dane do wpłaty zadatku: 
Marcin Gluma 
34 1090 1245 0000 0001 0606 4587 

Konto do wpłaty w euro: 
PL42 1090 1245 0000 0001 1676 4319 


Kocur….Spod Znaku Lwa*PL

chip nr….


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